Spa Shiki is committed to reducing our carbon footprint and protecting our environment.  In addition to our in-house recycling program for paper, plastics, and glass, here are some things we do on a daily basis:


We use an energy efficient laundry system.

Our Milnor washing machines are equipped with an ozone system that allows us to use less chemicals and less hot water during the washing process.  These green machines reclaim the final rinse water and re-use it for the first wash of the next load.  The Milnor washers are sized to handle 135 pounds per load, downsized from 300 and 400 pound units that were previously used, to insure only full loads are washed.


We encourage guests to cut down on multiple towel use.

Spa Shiki encourages guests to think green before they grab more than one towel.  By re-using your towel in the spa’s public spaces, you cut down on the amount of energy and water used by reducing the amount of laundry.


We power down at night.

We turn off all computers and electronic equipment at night, switching off all power strips to make sure all possible electrical drains are shut down.  Spa Shiki also uses a timer system for our A/C and heat units to ensure the spa stays at the most energy efficient temperature, day and night.


We conserve paper by communicating with guests via e-mail.

When a guest books an appointment, the front desk staff asks for his or her e-mail address.  Spa Shiki then sends the guest an electronic passport, detailing his or her upcoming appointments.  In addition, the spa also opts for paperless communication when sending out periodical updates and special offers via e-mail.  Are you on our email list?  If not, please provide your e-mail address at the front desk.


We use eco-friendly paraffin in our manicure and pedicure treatments.

Spa Shiki uses Perfect Sense Paraffin to moisturize and soothe hands and feet in manicure and pedicure treatments.  Saline water mixes with food grade minerals to organically warm the all-natural Perfect Sense Paraffin, eliminating the need for electrically powered, heated paraffin tubs and thus allowing the spa to conserve energy.  Utilizing sealed, individual use tubs, Perfect Sense Paraffin also eliminates the risk of bacteria and fungal cross contamination, providing unmatched hygiene safety.


We use an energy-efficient Freestyle drying system and Spectralight lighting in our salon.

Our dryers are suspended and automatically turn on and off when the cord is either pulled or released to the resting position.  This allows us to reduce our dryer ‘on time’ by 7%.  Since the dryers are unable to be dropped, they last much longer.  This means we are not only conserving our natural resources by not manufacturing as many, but also saving our landfills.

Spa Shiki uses Spectralight lighting in our salon.  This system is the most energy-efficient lighting system available to salons.  These lights are low-voltage and emit the same amount of light as a 100-watt floodlight, while only using 15 watts.  Spectralights also emit no infrared heat, which helps cut A/C costs, and last an average of 20 years.


Things Spa Shiki encourages YOU to do to reduce your carbon footprint:


Turn off your computer at night.

For energy savings and convenience, consider turning off the monitor if you aren’t going to use your PC for more than 20 minutes and turn off both the CPU and monitor if you’re not going to use your PC for more than 2 hours.  Though there is a small surge in energy when a computer starts up, this small amount of energy is still less than the energy used when a computer is running for long periods of time.  Get your office workers and entire workplace involved with the power-down effort!  Note:  Screen savers are not energy savers.  Using a screen saver may in fact use more energy than not using one, and the power-down feature may not work if you have a screen saver activated.  In fact, modern LCD color monitors do not need screen savers at all.  (From the U.S. Department of Energy Efficient and Renewable Energy.)


Turn off the faucet when brushing your teeth.

Assuming that the average faucet flow rate is to be 2.5 gallons per minute, and assuming that you brush your teeth twice each day, by turning off the water when you brush, you cut your water usage from 2 minutes to 1 mintue each time.  You’d save about 5 gallons each day, or 1825 gallons each year.


Lighten up your load and your speed when driving.

Carrying around an extra 100 pounds in your car reduces your fuel economy by up to two percent.  Take with you only what you need and be sure to place luggage inside instead of in the trunk or on the roof to minimize drag and maximize your mileage.  In highway travel, exceeding the speed limit by a mere five mph results in an average fuel ecomony loss of six percent.


Skip the bottled water.

Filter your tap water for drinking rather than using bottled water.  Not only is bottled water expensive, it also produces large amounts of container waste.  Studies show that consumers associate bottled water with healthy living.  But bottled water is not guaranteed to be any healthier than tap water.  In fact, roughly 40 percent of bottled water begins as tap water; often the only difference is added minerals that have no marked health benefit.