Enlightening guests to the ritual of spa, the beauty of rejuvenation.

By adapting to each guest’s individual needs, Spa Shiki’s fulfills its main objective: to enlighten guests on how to incorporate spa philosophy and treatment into everyday life. Spa Shiki does more than provide just a massage: We encourage questions, listen, and pay attention to any overstressed areas of the body. With an open path of communication, therapists assess each guest’s needs and desired level of advice. Spa Shiki strives to educate the guest and help him/her achieve a higher state of wellness at home as well as at the spa, year-round.

Our interaction with guests is more than a simple transaction. It is a chance to impact their health and wellbeing. We strive to provide the kind of positive experience that each guest will want to share with friends, continue at home, and return to the spa to repeat.