Dangers of Traditional Deodorant

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Dangers of Traditional Deodorant

Traditional deodorants are used to keep us from emitting any sweaty odor – a good luxury! But these deodorants also pose a threat to the human body as well as to the environment. Most consumers don’t know what’s in the traditional deodorant they are using, but you should learn more about ingredients such as triclosan (under review by FDA), formaldehyde (a known carcinogen), and DEA (hazardous chemical to both humans and environment).

Other ingredients in traditional deodorants include aluminum (can cause kidney problems and dermatitis), mineral oil (releases a lot of carbon emissions and pollutants into the air and water system) and parabens (cause problems in the endocrine system, disrupts hormones and possibly causes breast cancer). DEA, or Diethanolamine, is also an ingredient in pesticides and could possibly cause brain damage. Triclosan aids in the formation of carcinogens such as dioxin and chloroform.


Safe alternative

Next time you use your traditional deodorant in the morning, please remember that you could be harming your body! Look for alternative, eco-friendly deodorants instead of the traditional ones. Read the label before you purchase and avoid the toxic chemicals. Look for crystal or natural deodorants. Crystal deodorants use a different aluminum component to address body odor without blocking the body’s pores.

Spa Shiki provides Thai Deodorant Spray for our guests’ complimentary use in the women’s locker room. This company creates deodorant in spray, crystals, roll-ons and more. Their products are pure and natural deodorants with a solution that eliminates Aluminum Chlorohydrates and other chemicals used in most deodorants.

Thai Deodorant products are available for purchase in the Spa Shiki boutique. Stop by or call Spa Shiki at (573) 365-8108 for information or to purchase.



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  1. jenny says:

    I have heard that the crystal deodorants dont have antiperspirant. i dont want to have bo OR be sweaty.

  2. admin says:

    Great comment Jenny! When you purchase Thai Deodorant Crystals, you will not have “body odor”. The products kill the bacteria that make you smell bad! It is true that these products do not keep you from actually sweating, but you should remember that our bodies sweat for a reason. The purpose of sweat is to keep your body from overheating. It has also been said that sweat releasing toxins from inside your body. So not only are you harming your body with the chemicals that are in an antiperspirant, but you are also keeping your body from doing something that is actually very important!

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