Body Treatments & Wraps

Body treatments are skin treatments that provide care for your body’s largest organ: your skin. Helping to keep your skin healthy, firm and youthful, body treatments are essentially a facial for the whole body – cleansing, exfoliating and hydrating. Spa Shiki has carefully selected the ingredients for each of its body treatments to ensure you benefit from the most pure and powerful elements.


Enhance your massage or wrap with our NEW Booster!

Applied to pockets of cellulite and adipose tissue (buttocks, hips & thighs, back of arms) before any massage or wrap treatment.  Niacin is one of the active ingredients along with organic seaweed that does stimulate and heat the skin creating some redness. It does neutralize on its own and the skin returns to normal color within 1-2 hours.


Himalayan Salt Exfoliation & Detox Wrap- NEW for 2015!

This Detox wrap includes an extensive exfoliation followed by a warm wrap in our new Far Infrared blanket, allowing for the body to absorb all 84 pure trace minerals and elements while being grounded by the resonance of the pink Himalayan Salt.  The friction of the exfoliation allows even deeper sedation of the central nervous system while revealing beautiful, glowing skin.  Natural biorhythms are restored and the skin has a beautiful feel and glow.
50 min.  $140


Contour Treatment with Cupping

Addresses sluggish lymphatics that are congested, stagnated and blocked thus forming a dippling effect on surface of hamstrings, thigh, buttocks and stomach. An essential oil blend specific to cellulite and moving cupping techniques (no cupping on stomach) decongests fluids in specific areas. Varying hot and cold temperatures stimulate the areas being worked. Home care recommended for lasting results.
50 min. $125


Organic Seaweed Wrap

Throughout Europe, seaweed has been known for rebalancing effects on the body. This detoxifying and nourishing mask is rich in white and green laminaria, known to promote cellular metabolism, re-balance, re-mineralize the skin and activate circulation. Spa Shiki uses only the highest quality, food-grade seaweed with no added fillers.  After application of the seaweed mask, our Far Infrared blanket is used to enhance product penetration and the benefits of the treatment.
50 min. $125


Organic Green Tea Wrap

Known for its antioxidant properties, green tea provides the body with powerful detoxifying effects. Applied through long strokes to the body, this wrap exfoliates the skin mildly to mobilize trapped toxins.  After application of the green tea mask, our Far Infrared blanket is used to enhance the treatment.  Skin is left nourished and hydrated.
50 min. $125


Supracor Exfoliation & Slimming Treatment

This body treatment and massage combination includes a full body exfoliation featuring a trademarked Supracor mitt. Using Supracor’s fusion-bonded, honey comb technology to apply dry brushing techniques to the body, the treatment exfoliates dead skin, helps eliminate lymphatic waste in the body and nourishes and oxygenates the skin by stimulating circulation and bringing blood to the surface. Following the invigorating exfoliation, a massage allows all-natural oils to penetrate deep into the skin, enhancing nutrient absorption. Your body will feel renewed and relaxed at the same time! A complete spa treatment.
50 min. $140


Cellulite Reduction Treatment using Lumicell

Dramatically reduces cellulite through unique combination therapy using infrared and magenta light and deep tissue vacuum massage. More comfortable and more effective than other types of cellulite treatments, the combination therapy penetrates the dermis, hypodermis and deep into the muscle tissue to treat cellulite from the inside out. The body¹s cells easily absorb the magenta light, stimulating collagen production by nearly fivefold and thereby increasing the thickness of the dermis, resulting in slimming and firming. Other benefits include re-oxygenation of the skin, increased circulation, and elimination of muscular tension and restoration of vital energy centers.
50 min. $140


Airbrush Tan

Get a celebrity tan year-round – without the sun’s harmful rays! Using the top-of-the-line South Seas product used on the sets of Disney, Dreamworks, and HBO, Spa Shiki’s highly trained technicians personally apply the airbrush tan to ensure your desired level of tan. Get a safe, evenly applied, natural-looking tan – non-toxic, paraben-free, FDA-approved for cosmetic use, dries instantly, fades naturally, and does not stain clothes. Tan can last up to two weeks with proper after-care. Wear a dark-colored swimsuit or dark underwear for this treatment. Click here for tips for caring your Spa Shiki tan.
Ask about adding an exfoliation scrub prior to airbrush tan.


An 18% service charge will be automatically added to all packages or a la carte services. Spa guests must be 18 years of age or older to receive body, massage, or hydrotherapy treatments. We invite our younger guests to enjoy salon services.